Visa Policy, Insurance


All participants are strongly advised to have appropriate medical insurance from their respective countries.


The following medical services are available for all official participants of the championships during the competition days: doctor on duty, hospital and clinic assistance. A medical centre will operate at the regatta venue with ambulance and first aid. The costs above the regular first aid and ambulance services are to be covered by your medical insurance policy. The Organizing Committee is not responsible to cover your expenses in connection with hospital treatment, dental treatment or any other medical treatment.


Teams who requiring visas to enter Germany should apply directly to the organising committee, email at requesting a letter of invitation to the 13th EDBF ENC and enclosing a list of those participants who have been selected for the National Team, including any Officials and Supporters who are attending the Championships.

All participants from non “Schengen Treaty” State Members are kindly requested to contact to the local German Embassy or representative for any clarification.

Be aware that visa applications may take some time to process.

For further information, visit the official website of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

German Ministry of Foreign Affairs