Always in view: disabled athletes and spectators

From the beginning, great attention was paid to compliance with the needs of people with disabilities in the further expansion of the regatta course “Beetzsee”. In recent years, the conditions have been improved step by step for sportsmen and sportswomen and spectators with disabilities in order to enable them to participate equally in sporting activities and to have access to all areas of the sports facility without as much barriers as possible. For example, a paved path was created along the shore of the paddock. Via a ramp with a very slight gradient, wheelchair users can reach a specially designed landing stage, which makes it very easy for them to get in and out of the vehicle. The “barrier-free system components and building adaptations” section, which was realised in the course of an extensive conversion and expansion programme, also included the demolition of the old staircase and the construction of a better access to the functional building while at the same time adapting the paths in the outdoor area. In addition, disabled-friendly toilet facilities were installed in the various parts of the building by modifying and completely extending the existing premises.

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